Do's and Don'ts For Bearded Men

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Do's and Don'ts For Bearded Men

You should read this!  So Your man Mane is coming in from all directions and feels like easter basket grass.  Coarse, wild and untamed. Getting your beard to grow in can take months and should be worn with pride. It symbolizes your masculinity and is in fact on your face.  I'm often surprised when I hear other men making fun of men who maintain their beard like it's not manly to butter the bush. 

We all know first impressions are scientifically proven to have an impact on how others perceive us for the duration of our encounters with that person. Whether it be an interview, a first date or meeting a new friend,  A beard can be very attractive or something others find unbecoming if not properly maintained.  After all, nobody wants to be thought of as a homeless man with a wild animal growing on his face. 

We put together a simple list of do's and don'ts for general beard care that will keep your beard looking healthy, thick, shining and full.  

Make sure you get a good complete beard kit to start things off right!

1) Diet

I know it's hard to believe but your hair is part of you or at least it was.  Hair is essentially dead cells that contain the keratin protein.  If your diet is lacking in essential nutrients, your hair follicles will not be properly lubricated, able to thrive and lack healthy shine.  To sum things up, you have to eat right for your hair to grow right.  

Today's work grind hustle and bustle atmosphere causes a lot of people to neglect their diet and resort to things like fast food or junk food.  If you ever wondered why, among other things, your beard grows in all scraggly and patchy, it may have something to do with what you're eating.  

Try taking a good beard vitamin that contains the right levels of essential vitamins and nutrients your face follicles need to go full bloom.  VitaBeard  is our choice vitamin. It serves as a men's multivitamin and as a beard fertilizer.  The right nutrients are important to get a thicker fuller beard

2) Washing

Now I know we shouldn't have to say this but WASH YOUR FACE! Your beard can be the home of germs, birds, and many other random things that end up in there.  Your skin underneath your beard (where the beard hair roots are), need to be cleaned and conditioned daily.  Many beard newbies think a beard is a set it and forget it thing, but in reality your beard hair needs to be cleaned and conditioned just like the hair on your head does. 

Oils, grease, dirt, germs and food can cause the hairs to become damaged at the roots and create skin irritations.  Get yourself a good All natural conditioner and beard cleaner, then use it!  

3) Combing

Many men don't set the time in their daily routine to comb or brush their beard let alone wash it properly.  You're going to have to invest in a boar bristle brush and wooden comb If you want to get your beard game strong.  

Your beard hair won't train and tame without this vital step.  If you ever wondered how other guys get their beards looking nice and tight, this is a big part of the how.  

4) Oils and balms

There are a ton of debates on whether you should oil or balm or use both on your beard.  The truth is it depends. Some people have naturally oily hair and don't need to oil but should balm or butter.  Others have dry course beards that require both daily.  My opinion is use both.  I would suggest adjusting the amounts of each that you use as oppose to eliminating one or the other.  

After your bubble bath, Apply a small amount of all natural oil onto your hands and work it into the beard and stache.  Apply a small amount of all natural balm to your hands and lay it on. Next, brush your beard with the boar bristle brush and finish her off with a light comb from your wooden comb.  BOOM MAN BEARD!

5) Trimming

Investing in trimmers is something I know a lot of people put off.  Once again, this is your face.  Good trimmers are very important to remove the scraggly hairs. 

Another part of this is good scissors dedicated for your beard.  You want a good kit that has scissors a brush and a comb that you can trust like this one

Never cut on vertical.  Cut your hairs on the horizontal especially on your mustache. Cutting on the vertical can lead to zig zag contours in your look and we've all seen that guy.. 

Also remember, less is more!  I see many guys over doing the trimming and let's be honest, it looks dumb.  Cutting too close to the neck or having a neck beard is not a good look.  Your neck line should be about an inch above your adams apple and should run below your jaw line. Use a framework comb to help guide this line.

My barber always says, "just let your beard be a beard". Let it grow.  Minor trims and adjustments are nice but a lot men think they are michelangelo sculpting their face and often screw it up beyond repair. 

6) Don't use chemicals

Getting white or grey hair sucks in the minds of some people.  The older, distinguished look doesn't tickle every mans fancy. The truth is, it's natural guys and you really should consider embracing that you're getting old instead of destroying your beard hair with dyes or chemicals.  

Dying your beard with well marketed products only dries, destroys and fries your face.  Let's end beard dying today!


In conclusion, beardilze with vitamins,  Wash, oil, balm, trim smart and don't use dyes.  Your beard is a part of you and your personality. treat it right and it will treat you right.  Please feel free to comment and we hope this was a helpful lesson for your beard care needs. 

-Beard Manchu Team

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